Max plan

FIXIT MAX is a total support service for digital products during and after their warranty period. It provides professional support in all areas, such as warranty and post-warranty repairs, a technical support hotline, local market support, product refurbishment, reconfiguration and customization, and more. It allows for maximum utilization of resources and extension of a product’s life cycle.

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Flex plan

Fixit’s support includes services such as equipment repair, comprehensive management of the RMA procedure, customer service, technical support, product grading and refurbishment, logistics support, and handling equipment returns or rentals. With the ability to tailor services to your organization’s needs, attention to customer satisfaction, and the use of circular strategies, your business can improve the quality of service while maintaining optimal costs.

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Fixielence is a service that develops and delivers an optimal customer experience. It leverages knowledge of customer behavior, applies a sustainable approach, and uses artificial intelligence to build a tailor-made data-to-insight solution, improving customer satisfaction and increasing performance indicators.

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Our clients

Working with industry-leading manufacturers

Having supported renowned manufacturers of consumer electronics, IT equipment, and household appliances for more than two decades, we know how to provide you with a top-notch, end-to-end service.

Supported product groups

Providing support for a wide range of products

Enjoy peace of mind and after-sales support for almost all types of consumer electronics. Our services range from high-quality RMA support to product grading, reconfiguration or refurbishment.

Smartphones and phones

Laptops and tablets

E-book readers

Gaming devices and peripherals

Devices for e-mobility

Wearable electronics

Monitors, TVs and LFDs

Projectors and audios


Smart home

Network equipment and office equipment

Industrial and energy equipment

Small household appliances

Power tools

Tools for home and garden

  • Smartphones and phones
  • Laptops and tablets
  • E-book readers
  • Gaming devices and peripherals
  • Devices for e-mobility
  • Wearable electronics
  • Monitors, TVs and LFDs
  • Projectors and audios
  • Cameras
  • Smart home
  • Network equipment and office equipment
  • Industrial and energy equipment
  • Small household appliances
  • Power tools
  • Tools for home and garden


Fixit in numbers

With 20 years of experience and a team of more than 100 experts, we repair more than 150,000 devices annually, which translates into an offset of 5500 tons of CO2e. We focus on innovation and environmental protection, striving to continuously improve what we do

+20 years

of experience in
the industry


in the team

+150 k

units repaired
per year

5500 tons

of compensated


Business services


Warranty and post-warranty repairs


Technical support & customer service hotline


Product grading and refurbishment


Reconfiguration and customization of technical requirements


Logistics support


Warehouse space


Returns handling


Order fulfillment


Handling equipment rentals


Customer analysis


Customer journey mapping




Reducing carbon footprint


Collaborate with us and set new standards in the industry!

Work with FIXIT and elevate your service and repair experience. Enjoy seamless access to our team of seasoned experts who deliver efficient, innovative solutions that save you time and enhance your operational effectiveness.

Ecosystem of partners

Supporting businesses in the Circular Economy era

By partnering with FIXIT, you tap into an ecosystem of innovation, where shared expertise and knowledge drive comprehensive services. Together, we deliver significant advancements in the green economy, bringing you closer to achieving your sustainability goals.

A solution for calculating the carbon footprint for companies, products, services according to the GHG Protocol and ESG reporting, in accordance with CSRD and ESRS standards.

Midero develops customers’ online presence and optimizes their experience in the digital world by creating websites and landing pages that emphasize the company’s values. The offered SEO/SEM services increase the visibility and recognition of brands, supporting competitiveness and sales growth.

We jointly develop a dedicated AI tool for analyzing customer experiences and satisfaction with our services and those of our partners.

Partner to design physical products and services in the spirit of the circular economy. #eco-design

Services offered

Learn more about our wide range of services

Customer Care


The Omnichannel service, focused on building positive experiences, is offered in multiple languages and includes a set of actions aimed at understanding and responding to customer needs. For Customer Care, we offer a wide range of services like technical support, inquiry handling, and customer feedback collection. The key feature is personalization, which allows for the effective building of strong relationships and loyalty.

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Warranty and Post-Warranty Repairs


Enjoy comprehensive care for your products with our warranty and post-warranty repair services. We handle everything from diagnostics and device testing to software updates and intricate electronic repairs using THT, SMD, and BGA technologies. Simplify your repair experience with our RMA system that lets you effortlessly register and track service requests in real-time, ensuring you’re always informed about the status of your repairs.

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Grading and Refurbishment


Our grading and refurbishment services assess and enhance your devices, boosting their market value and longevity.


Grading evaluates the visual and functional condition, while refurbishment restores and improves appearance and performance, preparing them for resale without new parts. This revitalizes your products, maximizing their usability and appeal.

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Re-work and customization


Addresses defects or errors identified post-production, software (firmware) updates, reconfiguration, modification, or packaging of products and sets to prepare batches of devices for sale.

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Logistics Services


A full spectrum of activities related to the proper flow of serviced products, provided for B2B and B2C. This includes the optimal selection of logistics solutions depending on dimensions, countries, and specific requirements (e.g., ADR, FTL, customs services).

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Warehouse Space


The entrusted warehouse service is an excellent solution that combines flexibility, cost optimization, and the safety of stored products, while also providing the ability to scale the necessary warehouse space.

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Return Management


Comprehensive management of product returns based on your guidelines, including logistic solutions and considering the verification of return validity, visual inspection of the product, and verification of the product’s completeness.

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Our order processing service streamlines your distribution needs by handling warehousing, labeling, packaging, and delivery. We focus on optimizing logistics processes for efficient management and enhancing customer satisfaction.”

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Equipment Rental Service


Allows customers to rent a product and ‘try before you buy.’ We’ll take care of formalities related to rental agreements, shipping and receiving complete products upon return, testing, and reassembling after return, repairs, and settlements with the renter.

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Customer Voices


Our Human+AI research empowers us to truly listen and understand your needs, translating your feedback into data-driven insights. This approach enables us to continually enhance your experience and strengthen your loyalty by staying responsive to your preferences and evolving expectations.”

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Customer Journey Mapping


Essential for customer experience, mapping highlights pain points, streamlines processes, improves communication, and offers timely solutions while tracking solutions and measuring results

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We deliver customized experiences that resonate with your company’s values and communication style at crucial customer touchpoints. By focusing on personalization, we help forge deeper connections, ensuring that each interaction is unique and meaningful.

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Carbon Footprint Reduction


Develop effective decarbonization plans and significantly reduce your CO2 emissions. By precisely calculating our emissions, we provide the expertise you need to effectively lower your carbon footprint, empowering your sustainability efforts.

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