Find out why to join FIXIT :

Exceptional atmosphere and integration

Exceptional atmosphere and integration based on professionalism, respect and mutual understanding. We organize office meetings and parties, thanks to which we create a strong well-knit team. All because we like our job and people we work with.

Employment stability and security

Expressed in the form of employment contract, on-time payment, and clear terms of employment.

We ensure that everyone is confident about her or his future.

Constant challenges

Because: those who win – never give up.
– never give up. Those who give up – never win (Vince Lombardi).

In FIXIT there's no time for boredom! We are enthusiasts of fresh solutions and discovering new possibilities. Every day we work together to achieve undertaken goals.


One of our highest priorities is safety and confidentiality of information shared by our potential candidates. That's why our company has a complex system of personal data protection – in accordance with the newest GDPR regulations.

If we aren’t currently recruiting for a position that interests you: Apply spontaneously


Find out how we proceed with the recruitment process.

Check the job offers

In every one of them you will find the details concerning our requirements and a manner of application.

Remember that if we aren’t currently recruiting for a position of your interest – you can use the application form and send your CV on account of the future recruitment processes.

Prepare and send your CV

After receiving your CV we evaluate whether your previous experience and acquired skills are compatible with the profile of a particular position.

If we think you have met the basic criteria, we will contact you and inform you of the further steps.

Come to an interview

We will invite you for a meeting with an HR division representative. Depending on a type of position we can apply different methods of recruitment, such as: knowledge and skills tests or case study.

A number of interviews depends on the functions and type of recruitment. We will inform you about the expected path of recruitment during our first meeting.

Regardless of the result of your interview – you can be sure that you’ll receive our feedback.



We want the FIXIT ranks to be swelled by people who share values similar to ours. That is why we appreciate:

Are you a team player?

We believe that together
we are able to do more.
That's why the ability to cooperate
is so important for us.
We value people who are open,
enthusiastic, optimistic, and eager to share
their knowledge.

Are you able to organize
your work well?

We perform many different tasks
on a daily basis.
That's why the ability to go seamlessly
from one activity to another
and to properly orchestrate the tasks
during the day is crucial.

Are you willing to continuously
learn and develop?

We never stop looking for creative ways
of improving our actions.
Creativity, innovation, ingenuity,
and motivation for constant advancement
of knowledge and self-improvement
are extremely mportant for us.


We believe that a good employer can be recognized not by the way he starts but by the way he finishes. We know that the recruitment process can be stressful. That's why we do everything to make our candidates feel most comfortably.

  • We take care of a friendly atmosphere. We give feedback and accept information in return. We keep in touch with candidates throughout the whole process of recruitment.

  • We expedite the process of recruitment. We monitor our actions at all times to know what is done well and what areas need to be developed.

  • We want our candidates to leave with a positive experience. We proudly announce that we are the members of The Coalition to Friendly Recruitment.


We create long-range perspectives of development and work for future graduates. We implement these activities in cooperation with universities – running work placement and internship programs, participating in recruitment and career fairs, and organizing workshops for students.

You can use the offer of work placement and internship if you've got a directional education (adequate for working in preferable division) and are able to display good academic results.

Professional experience

Work placement in our company
is a valuable point enriching your CV
and an additional asset building
up your position on the job market.

WCounsellor support
and feedback

Your tasks will be performed under the eye
of an experienced employee.
That way you will gain an opportunity to learn an experienced employee.
an experienced employee.
That way you will gain an opportunity to learn from the best. You will also obtain valuable feedback
concerning your work,
acquired skills, and progress.


Lastly, you will receive a written
confirmation of performed work placement or internship.
Additionally, it will be complemented
with our comprehensive opinion.