At Fixit, We Care About Accessibility

We believe that accessibility means opportunity.


Opportunity that significantly reduces exclusion. Our strategy focuses on creating a friendly environment where everyone can fully utilize our resources.


At Fixit, people are our priority, which is why we use available technologies to make our services as easy to use as possible. Our mission goes beyond sales – we strive to provide every individual with frictionless access to repair services, eliminating all barriers.

A Strategy Based on Your Needs


People are at the heart of our actions.


We are convinced that by increasing accessibility, we can reach a wider audience and make device repair easier than ever before. Our strategy is based on the synergy of empathy and technology, which together form the foundation of our actions. We aim to ensure that our solutions meet the real needs of our users. We want our repair services to be accessible and efficient, providing everyone with easy and seamless access to professional assistance.

Fixit Without Barriers


Accessibility, universality, care for user experiences.


A key value guiding our daily actions is the idea of universal design. In line with this idea, our website was created as one of the points of contact between the client and Fixit. The concept is based on the principle of equality, assuming that actions possible on the site will meet the needs of all users.

Thinking of You and the Planet


Your needs, our values.


We have created a website that combines modern design with care for user experiences along with technologies that limit its emissions. Intuitiveness, universality, convenience, and effective error handling are some of the key features of our project. At Fixit, we care not only about the comfort of our users but also about the future of our planet, diligently minimizing our environmental impact through solutions that reduce our carbon footprint.


How Do We Do It?


We understand your needs.


  • We provide equal access to functions and information for all users.
  • We consider individual preferences, allowing personalization and interface adjustment to needs.
  • We know how important digital accessibility is. We provide necessary information in various forms, ensuring readability and contrast.
  • We reduce complexity and cognitive load, focusing on simplicity and effective information delivery.
  • Above all, we prioritize intuitiveness, which is why we focused on making the website minimalist and equipped with intuitive navigation, ensuring users a convenient and seamless experience with our services.
  • We minimize the risk of errors, providing users with feedback messages that support them while using our site.


Our Priorities


You are important to us.


At Fixit, we always put people first. Therefore, despite the lack of obligation, we decided to ensure the digital accessibility of our website in accordance with the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). We want everyone, regardless of their abilities, skills, equipment, or needs, to be able to freely use our services. We rely on four key accessibility principles: perceivability, operability, understandability, and robustness.


We provide opportunities.


We make sure that every non-text content on our website has its text alternatives, and the site is fully functional using the keyboard and allows for resizing and font changes. We ensure a logical and clear structure, with text and background colors selected for maximum readability. Additionally, we make sure that our texts are understandable, regularly checking the FOG index to ensure clarity and ease of information acquisition.

We Value Your Opinion


At Fixit, we grow with you.


We continuously improve in the areas of SEO and UX to streamline processes and ensure visibility not only online. Your experiences with our website and services are of great importance to us, and we constantly strive to improve them.