We believe sport equals health

Our company has 2 sports programs used to encourage our employees to be more active.

Everybody can receive funding of MultiSport cards and swimming pool subscriptions.

We promote local communities

We collaborate with schools and colleges in Cracow and Krosno.

Apart from that, we actively support lessons organized by Carpathian State University in Krosno – taking part in the fairs or running dedicated workshops.

We recruit in a friendly manner

We do our best to provide candidates taking part in our job interviews with only positive experiences.

FIXIT is also a proud member of The Coalition for Friendly Recruitment.


We reduce losses to a minimum

We strive for making the consumption of both components and natural resources as low as possible in every area of our business activity.

   That's why:

  • We offer our clients a possibility to retrieve consumables or subject them to remanufacturing.
  • After-repairs remains (worn out packaging, components, materials) are segregated, properly stored, and recycled according to WEEE.
  • Devices which cannot be fixed (or the repair is unprofitable) are recycled by authorized specialist companies.

In accordance with the zero waste policy we eliminated disposable containers in our offices and implemented procedures reducing the necessity of printing to minimum.


A place for mutual exchange

We've created a space for mutual exchange of products you don't use any more and which can be useful for somebody else.

The market allows you to sell or rent anything. From clothes, toys, and gadgets to building and finishing materials.

    FIXIT Market benefits:

  • We help each other.
  • We extend the life of products and as a result we litter less.
  • We reduce plastics production at the same time.
  • We gain more space in our houses or garages.
  • We integrate.
  • We save money.


CSR and education in one

It consists of books and films bought by FIXIT or brought by our employees.

The Library offers not only substantive contents but also books for children, fiction, and others. Additionally, our collection is being constantly expanded