How it works

The freedom to choose what works for you, backed by excellent support

The Flex plan offers a customizable solution that empowers you to design a service package tailored specifically to your business needs. By selecting from a broad range of services, you can optimize your operations and reduce costs more effectively, ensuring your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Wide range of services

Ability to choose individually

Superior quality repair experience

Tailor-made solutions

Excellent results and cost optimization


The answer to your organization's needs

Partner with Fixit to transform your service and repair processes. You’ll gain access to our skilled experts and benefit from efficient, innovative solutions that enhance your operational performance and service quality.

How we do it

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business

Enhance brand value and foster lasting customer relationships through personalized and expertly crafted experiences. Our targeted activities not only elevate customer satisfaction but also boost your revenue.

Supporting sustainable development

Become part of an environmental solution by minimizing your carbon footprint while maximizing efficiency. Fixit’s products and services help keep your products in use and out of landfill to increase revenue, save costs and enhance your brand image

Working together for your success

Partnerships are an ecosystem of mutually reinforcing services. We partner with organizations committed to a closed-loop economy, providing holistic and integrated solutions. Each partner brings a specialty from their area, and together, we create innovative approaches that translate into real value for you.

Service plan

What's included in Plan Flex?

Customer support


This omnichannel service, focused on building positive experiences, is offered in multiple languages and includes a range of functions aimed at understanding and meeting customer needs. Customer support services include technical support, query handling, and collecting customer feedback. A key feature of the service is personalization, which helps you build strong relationships and loyalty.

Warranty and out-of-warranty repairs


Enjoy comprehensive care for your products with our warranty and post-warranty repair services. We handle everything from diagnostics and device testing to software updates and intricate electronic repairs using THT, SMD, and BGA technologies. Simplify your repair experience with our RMA system that lets you effortlessly register and track service requests in real-time, ensuring you’re always informed about the status of your repairs.

Grading and refurbishment


Our grading and refurbishment services assess and enhance your devices, boosting their market value and longevity. Grading evaluates the visual and functional condition, while refurbishment restores and improves appearance and performance, preparing them for resale without new parts. This revitalizes your products, maximizing their usability and appeal.

Reconfiguration and customization


Addresses defects or errors identified post-production, software (firmware) updates, reconfiguration, modification, or packaging of products and sets to prepare batches of devices for sale.

Logistics services


A full spectrum of activities related to the proper flow of serviced products, provided for B2B and B2C. This includes the optimal selection of logistics solutions depending on dimensions, countries, and specific requirements (e.g., ADR, FTL, customs services).

Warehouse space


The entrusted warehouse service is an excellent solution that combines flexibility, cost optimization, and the safety of stored products, while also providing the ability to scale the necessary warehouse space.

Returns management


Comprehensive management of product returns based on your guidelines, including logistic solutions and considering the verification of return validity, visual inspection of the product, and verification of the product’s completeness.



Our order processing streamlines your distribution needs. By handling warehousing, labeling, packaging, and delivery, we provide efficient process management while building a positive customer experience.


Equipment rental


Offer customers the ability to rent a product before they buy. We’ll take care of of the details, such as formalitites around rental agreements, shipping and receiving products, testing and reassembling after return, repairs in case of malfunctions, and settlements with the renter.

Customer voice analysis


Human+AI research enable us to truly identify and understand the voice of your customers. Data-driven metrics allow us to monitor changes, improve experiences and foster loyalty.

Customer journey mapping


Essential in CX, journey mapping highlights pain points, streamlines processes, improves communication, and offers timely solutions. It also tracks changes and measures results.



We offer tailored experiences at key customer touchpoints, aligned with your company’s values and voice. We recognize the power of personalization to forge deep connections and provide unique, relevant experiences.

Carbon footprint reduction


The Fixellence service includes support in creating a decarbonization plan to reduce CO2 emissions. Having implemented our own reduction plan, we now help partners effectively minimize their carbon footprint.