With your safety in mind. A quarantine for packages and for the serviced equipment


We’re monitoring the development of the pandemic on an ongoing basis. We’re implementing all the relevant procedures and recommendations to make sure our employees and the serviced equipment are safe. We’re trying to consider all possible scenarios to be able to react in advance as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve decided to quarantine the packages we receive.


The standard our company aspires to is a situation where a device arrives at our repair service department, gets repaired, and sent back to the client the next day – this concerns cases when there are no problems requiring getting in touch with the client, or provided that the repair service department doesn’t have to wait for some parts from the manufacturer. The current state of epidemic threat obviously affects this standard as the time to repair has become now longer (due to the quarantining of the packages and equipment we receive) - says Mariusz Ryło, FIXIT SA’s CEO.


During the pandemic, the repair process is preceded by a 24-hour quarantine imposed on every package we receive. In addition to that, the equipment that is to be handled by our service technicians is quarantined for 48 hours before it is taken care of. The procedure aims to minimise the risk of our employees making contact with surfaces where the SARS-CoV-2 virus could survive.

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