See how we take care of our employees during the coronavirus pandemic


In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, out of concern for the health and life of our employees and yours - our Clients, and having analysed the possible consequences of the further spread of the disease, FIXIT SA has adopted a range of prevention and protection measures. These include:

  • an outreach campaign targeted at employees, covering the steps to follow in the event of suspected exposure to the coronavirus or when feeling unwell
  • provision of hygiene and sanitation products as well as arranging for detailed guides on how to use them properly to be in place
  • cancelling all business trips of all external, internal, and interdepartmental employees – switching to audio and video communication
  • cancelling scheduled training programmes or taking part in them in the videoconferencing mode
  • implementation of procedures providing all employees eligible to work remotely with such an option
  • devising emergency response plans
  • ongoing monitoring of the development of the pandemic


We’re trying to consider all possible scenarios to be able to react in advance as quickly as possible.

As for the details regarding particular projects, our business partners are asked to contact our project managers.

As for the details regarding individual orders, please contact us via email and/or phone.

The main thing we wish everyone is good health.


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