Are you aware that...

  • About 40% of Customers make purchase decisions considering other than price reasons (KPMG report)
  • Most Customers strongly consider products’ reviews before buying - they read forums, online reviews or ask friends for recommendations
  • Revenue of the Companies for which CX is a priority grow 5.1 times faster than those that do not pay attention to CX (Forrester report)
  • 4.5 times more Customers are ready to pay a higher price for a product if they have excellent brand awareness comparing with no brand awareness (Forrester report)
  • Well established CX process increases customer loyalty by 17% (Forrester report)


We DO understand the Customer Experience

One of the key factor which affects success of the Vendors’ product offer placed on the market is to provide an unique Customer Experience for the brand. The positive reception of the brand value together with direct contact at any touch point determines the final success of the product and customer loyalty acquisition.

Each company, regardless the business profile, creates Customer Experience. However, not everyone is fully aware of this. Only understanding of the processes associated with CX and their conscious creation make the offer successful and become the source competitive advantages. We DO understand those processes.

Our knowledge and experience

The Customer Experience is included into Fixit’s DNA. We have knowledge and experience resulting from over 15 years of market presence, the projects implemented throughout Europe and cooperation with market leaders. The entire substantive capital of Fixit is focused on shaping the unique Customer Experience of both brands of our Partners and, above all, their Customers. Our organizational culture is focused on achieving the goals of people who work with us.

Building positive Consumer Experience is a continued work that we do together with our Partners. By adapting to the Partners’ business strategies, we help them to ensure that the Customer Experience is always in the right place.


Let’s create Customer Experience together!

The management boards of our Clients and their shareholders appreciate investments in Customer Experience and its impact on revenue growth. And in the other hand, our Partners gain directly additional business opportunities, which include transfer of knowledge and experience, soft skills training, and support tailored to specific needs. The high quality of after-sales services increases customer loyalty within the key time period between purchases. At the end of the day, everyone win!.

We support our Partners in creating and implementing properly profiled Customer Experience, by providing a wide range of services in the area of pre-and after-sales Customer Service. For this purpose, our experts have developed a wide range of products and related processes, based on we implement mutually developed Partner’s strategy.