Mariusz Ryło


Experienced leader with thirty years of manager
and sales experience in IT and consumer electronics branch. Effective builder of business relations with in-depth knowledge of canvass and contracts negotiations skills. He is familiar with using social media tools and being active in the virtual world.

His role in FIXIT is: taking care about the efficient functioning of the whole organization. He is responsible for the realization of long- and short- term business strategy. He defines the line of action in longer period of time and the coordination of “here and now” actions. He supports “agile” management which enables adapting to the changing environment. He shapes the scheme of the organization, he’s in charge of choosing employees. At the same time, he creates strong foundations and solid wireframe of the company which are, in his opinion, the factors of FIXIT competitive advantage. Matching communicative and leadership skills with innovation and the best business practices make the project management much easier. Employees and business partners value Mariusz for his directness and straightforwardness.

After hours Mariusz loves: 70s and 80s music, Cracow, and city’s photographs – both from the past and contemporary times. There’s a reason why FIXIT has its divisions in Hungary – Mariusz adores this country, its culture and wine. In summer he goes on bike trips, and in winter he spends his free time skiing in the mountains. He eagerly shares his travel memories in social media.

Stanisław Góralczyk


Manager with a wide range of experience in sales and marketing gained in the IT and Telecom industries. A specialist in creating and managing sales teams as well as building sales channels and developing partnership relations.

His role in FIXIT is: extending the number of satisfied customers, building and development of sales team, activities aimed at winning new contracts for services, and supervision over marketing activities.

Privately, Stanisław is: a globetrotter who discovers all possible corners of our beautiful globe together with his family. The OWD license allows him to be fascinated by the richness of underwater life. Enjoys hiking and table tennis on land. He has recently discovered the secrets of gardening.

Łukasz Kubas


Specialist of unconventional thinking and overcoming uncountable obstacles..

He plans his actions based on the needs, information, and process data analysis. He’s often characterized by unpopular truthfulness. He appreciates the magic of feedback, creativity, and logical thinking skills. He tries to remember the slogan “I’m in”.

His role in FIXIT is: Being versatile. His main assignments are: designing, implementing, metering, and production processes control. 
He develops IT tools supporting processes of the whole organization. 
Apart from that, his expertise includes wide-ranging optimization and quality control.

After hours Łukasz is: A handyman with incontinent need to obtain his doctoral degree in every branch he deals with. In the winter-spring period he loves getting his dose of iodine by the Polish sea.

Krystian Knapek


He loves his job A graduate of Cracow University of Technology whose most essential features are: calmness, patience, and incredible precision. He values working with professionals based on features such as: integrity, mutual respect, and partnership. He has an impressive number of completed trainings in varied areas. That’s why he can use his knowledge and skills on many grounds. 

His role in FIXIT is: managing the Krosno branch office of the company in which he’s responsible for various aspects regarding company’s activity, i.e., among others, employees management and supervision of all the realized processes.
Additionally, he’s also the Data Protection Officer and ISO Internal Auditor and Agent.

After hours Krystian is: a fan of new technologies. After hours, he eagerly cooks, tinkers, reads books, and spends free time actively with his family.

Michał Wróbel


IT graduate. Perfect skills of building relations and in-depth knowledge of topics he deals with make him a person everyone wants to work with (both internally and our clients).

His role in FIXIT is: managing the Cracow branch office of the company and taking care of one of our strategic partners – Logitech.

Privately Michał loves: games which surely makes the work with gaming
accessories and computer gear easier 😉. Apart from that, he shares his spare time between family, cooking, playing table tennis, and gardening.

Piotr Pachota


Energy-man. Once he has been responsible for developing our Krosno division. Now he deals with mobile devices and thermal transfer printers repairs.
He participated in many trainings (realized both as a listener and trainer)

His role in FIXIT is: measuring, counting, and evaluating. In short, he makes everything work out 😉.

After hours Piotr is: a full-time dad who spends most of his spare time studying and playing with his beloved kid. Besides, he loves hiking and cycling, continuously discovering new interesting routes. When the weather and conditions are good – Piotr is a real fan of two wheels (in ecological manner). Bike trips lasting many hours make his life colourful and make him look at the surrounding world with a fresh eye. 

Krzysztof Zając


Known for his exceptional accuracy. IT technician with perfect technical English.

His role in FIXIT is: operation data analysis and customer care. Normally he manages projects of brands such as: LG and D-Link.

Privately Krzysztof is: an extraordinary man who doesn’t like weekends and uses his holiday leaves unwillingly. He is also a baseball fan.

Sławomir Gonet


Graduate of University of Technology in Rzeszów and PWSZ in Krosno. A proud Master of Engineering. He completed a number of trainings and courses including those associated with Lean Management.

His role in FIXIT is: customer care. Specialization – e-book readers branch.
Additionally, he manages a net of subcontractors.

Privately Sławomir is: a home-grown handyman who likes brazing and fiddling with electronics for his own use. He equally eagerly spends time in his workshop where he devotes himself to repairing old cars.

Rafał Bołd


The apple of his eye is everything that’s connected with navigation, and his broad knowledge on this topic amazes everyone. 

His role in FIXIT is: managing projects for brands such as Mio.

Privately Rafał is: committed to his family with all his heart. Apart from that, he’s a handyman and likes reading about new technologies and electronics. He’s been a fan of volleyball from an early age. He not only watches it on TV but also practices actively with his friends.

Damian Dziura


Communicative and very popular. A graduate of Psychology with great predispositions to be an inside trainer. 

His role in FIXIT is: managing the customer care division in Krosno. He’s responsible for trainings, motivation and development of the employees.

After hours Damian is: a fan of good books and articles on psychology. When he doesn’t read – he likes physical activities such as going to the gym and practising cross-fit.

Joanna Kwolek


HR Manager in the true sense of the word. It’s proven by her education and a number of courses and trainings.

Her role in FIXIT is: doing everything to hire only the best and to give them the most exceptional conditions of employment. She organizes trainings, events, trips, and takes care of the FIXIT image outside the organization. She takes care of the employees and does everything to make the work atmosphere truly unique.

After hours Joanna is: a fan of development. She loves her job, so she doesn’t avoid widening her knowledge and horizons even in her spare time (especially in psychology, competence management, and employer branding). After hours she loves spending time with her crazy family – reading books to her son, experimenting in the kitchen, and jumping on the trampoline. Friends are also an important part of her life.

Sabina Jakubczyk


BHP technician by education, logistics team leader by calling and specialization.

Her role in FIXIT is: being responsible for the work of all FIXIT logistics, a group of people working in Krosno, and efficient communication with other divisions of the company.

After hours Sabina is: an active tourist heading in the direction of the mountains. She gladly engages herself in many social initiatives.

Adrian Bodnar


Our friend from Hungary. He’s a graduate of University of Miskolc Engineering (section of waste-farming, Department of Foundry,
Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering). We admit that his perfect knowledge on local issues and great contacts with Hungarian contractors make our work much easier 😉.

His role in FIXIT is: taking care of all Hungarian Fixit operations conducted at the Miskolc branch.

After hours Adrian is: a true-born biker. Besides the passion of fast rides, he also likes photography (including post-production in Photoshop), gardening, and long walks with his partner. Interesting fact: Adrian has his own small boat and full qualifications to drive it :).

Anna Marecka-Cecko


A Master of Engineering. A graduate of Pedagogical University of Cracow mastering in Technical-IT Education. Apart from numerous courses and trainings she’s a proud owner of qualifications to teach technical and IT subjects: in elementary, secondary, and vocational schools.

Her role in FIXIT is: supervision over the smartphone & laptop paid repairs project.

After hours Anna loves: mountains, lakes and catching the wind, not only whilst sailing in Mazury. When the opportunity arises she puts on her trekking boots, packs her backpack and runs towards nature. She lives according to the saying that the bar should be raised as high that one wouldn’t need to bend down to go underneath it.