Fixit operations center

FIXIT Operations Center (FOC) is a foundation of all our realized projects.

It’s a set of systems, applications and procedures which provide proper and effective management. The overall objective of FOC is to enable mapping of all project requirements to provide the highest level of Customer Experience.

Understood as an efficient, quick, intuitive, and most of all problem-free service including contact and current communication with users, receiving and processing claims, and a number of additional services.

Service aiming at building the highest degree of client’s satisfaction, and therefore – influencing positive experiences with the brand.


Get to know some of the crucial tools which help us realize the Customer Experience strategies.

Fixit Rma

Receiving and processing claims

The system enables users to send an online complaint or describe a problem connected with the owned product.

How does it work?

  1. Claim registration

    A user is led safely, easily and intuitively step by step through the whole process.

  2. Claim reception

    After registering a claim a user gets a confirmation. Then, if a user agrees, he or she can receive cyclical notifications considering status and next steps of the repair.

  3. Claim verification

    A user can check the current status and other parameters of the claim at any time.

  4. Claim execution

    After finalizing the claim a user gets all the details on undertaken actions, a description of defects and possible recommendations (e.g. concerning future exploitation of the product).

Claims management

A person on the side of the contractor who is responsible for the claims processing (so called Service Manager) uses a dedicated module Management Dashboard in which one can view the live status of claims, observe statistics, and analyse data and reports.

In order to provide full protection the whole system is secured with a certificate and every account receives it's individual login and a user’s password. To enable the most efficient and easy data exchange – FIXIT RMA is open to integration with our clients’ business systems.

FIXIT Mobile RMA most important elements:

  • Users’ data safety
  • Easy and intuitive usage
  • Advanced functionalities
  • Dedicated management module
    (Management Dashboard)

Fixit customer care

Direct communication with the users

A cell dedicated for current information exchange between a user and the service. One of the main tools for building the Customer Experience strategy.

Customer Care team gives information about claims as well as advice and answers for various questions concerning e.g. products functionality, their configuration, latest offer, and accessories compatibility.

Furthermore, FIXIT Customer Care offers a possibility to make surveys including customer satisfaction surveys.

Thanks to the internal system integration all information and statistics are available from within the Management Dashboard of FIXIT RMA system.

FIXIT Customer Care key assets:

  • Integrated multichannel
    (including: e-mail, phone, chat)
  • Qualified staff with technical experience
  • Service based on measurable KPI indicators
    (maximum time of response, time spent in a queue, percent of received calls, and others)
  • Internal knowledge base
    (FIXITpedia that encourages information management and exchange)

Fixit PMP

Customer Experience engine

Central database system FIXIT PMP (Project Management Platform) is a basis of all solutions that we provide.

FIXIT PMP manages the processes of every realized project, being responsible for both their collection, and further data sharing which is necessary for proper functioning of these processes.

FIXIT PMP most important features:

  • High efficiency and scalability
  • Full flexibility
    (a possibility of any project scenario implementation)
  • Tracking and time stamp for each step in the process
  • Monitoring of the key productivity indicators and the quality of processes
  • Warehouse management module
  • Possibility of integration with any external system

Thanks to using the equipment and system infrastructure operating in a distributed environment, FOC is a safe, efficient, easily modified, and practical solution which eliminates the functional limitations.

Additionally, its superior goal is to enable easy and fast integration with any exterior system and to provide a maximally intuitive interface for every end user.

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