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The services offered by Fixit provide a full range of activities and verified processes for their implementation, ensuring that the tasks entrusted to the company will be carried out efficiently, quickly, and with attention to the details. 

Over 5 years ago, we were looking for a partner who would meet our quality expectations and guarantee flexibility in the approach to transferred orders. Fixit's first project implementation reached the highest standards and the effects met our stringent requirements. This resulted, of course, in the continuation of cooperation over recent years. An extremely important aspect of this long-term cooperation is the fact that we have managed to build a relationship based largely on trust. On behalf of TP-Link I admit that we are very pleased with our cooperation and specialists from Fixit have often proved that they have great skills and experience, surprising us with their innovative approach to the rendered services.

Michał Chodnicki Regional Technical Manager


Everyone has heard about TP-LINK. The name is primarily associated with network devices which is accurate because the company has been paying attention to the smallest details and modern design for over 20 years, providing network products and solutions to customers in over 170 countries around the world. But TP-LINK is not only switches or routers. It’s also cameras and smartphones offered under the Neffos brand.

Business challenges

As a leading provider of network solutions in many countries, TP-LINK struggles every day with the organization of deliveries of its products in various language versions as well as the appropriate configuration together with software dedicated to a given market and target group.

However, when operating the supply chain, for business or technical reasons, it is sometimes necessary to modify a part of equipment quickly. It’s usually due to the need of directing a given batch of equipment to a market other than the one originally declared, modifying the software due to detected errors or providing a new version of software.

Benefits for our client:

Fixit, with many years of experience in after-sales service of various types of devices, can optimize internal processes so that the implementation of current customer’s needs is conducted in high quality and the shortest possible time. The process which is the basis of FIX & REWORK service is also supported by efficient infrastructure and, above all, by experienced teams of technicians and logistics specialists. It enables us to meet the most stringent requirements in the scope of simultaneous number of supported devices and the time of the service provided by our clients.

Within one order, Fixit implemented a comprehensive mass modification service of over 10,000 TP- LINK routers. Due to the change in the target market where the devices were available, the task included reinstalling the software along with the startup test, replacing the user’s manual and warranty cards, sticking new product labels and certificates on the devices and packaging.
Thus prepared products have been professionally packed, foiled, and placed in collective boxes in accordance with the list of contents. As a result of the service provided in full within the time required by the customer (less than 2 weeks), the goods leaving Fixit had identical quality and they weren’t visually different compared to the ones received directly from the factory.


  • Reduction of logistics costs associated with re-transporting products to the factory for reconfiguration
  • Short service time - meeting delivery dates in accordance with trade agreements
  • Guarantee of maintaining the highest quality of modified products - the products are 100% new and ready for sale on the market
Implemented solutions: FIX&REWORK

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