FixIT as Mio favoured support centre has based on its independence from the channel and in particular its strong technical core skills. Mio has been well rewarded as FixIT excelled in these areas and has proven itself to be dynamic in quickly adapting changes and additionally valued services requested by Mio.

Neil Mercer Service Director


MiTAC Digital Technology Corp., the owner of the Mio brand, has been present on the Polish market since 2002 and is one of the leading producers of consumer automotive electronic devices. The company's offer includes products such as car navigations, driving recorders, and bicycle navigations. Many years of experience enable Mio to provide products and services tailored exactly to the customer needs. For a long time, products sold under the Mio brand have been at the forefront of the most-bought PND and dashcam devices in Europe and Asia.

Business challenges

As a leading company that regularly increases sales of its devices, Mio wants to guarantee its customers maintenance at the highest level. Since 2007, Fixit has continually been Mio service partner in warranty and post-warranty repairs as well as comprehensive technical support - Customer Care.

In 2019, Fixit expanded the cooperation by providing Mio customers with a dedicated FIXIT RMA platform in place of the manufacturer's registration system used so far. The main assumption of the implemented changes was to facilitate the claim registration process for the sales channel by standardizing it with other producers available in the channel's offer.
The desired final result is optimization of the total time of order processing service.

As the service centre of choice for Mio was independent from the existing distribution structures of Mio products, the main assets of Fixit highly appreciated by the manufacturer were professionalism of the staff, system, and process facilities, as well as:

  • the possibility of covering other European countries with maintenance services thanks to the regional presence of Fixit
  • logistics services improvement
  • experience in operating similar types of devices
  • flexibility in adapting to the manufacturer's project requirements

Benefits for our client:

The services provided by Fixit meet the highest quality requirements stipulated by Mio. The implementation of repair services under the FIX & REPAIR model is handled by a team of technicians experienced in a dedicated range of products who are constantly raising their knowledge in the area of existing and new merchandise. As part of the business continuity process we also care about distributing this knowledge to subsequent technicians in order to be resistant to all types of circumstances and ready to increase service for the growing stream of claims.

The process of spare parts and other service components supplies is being constantly improved. The dedicated Project Manager is responsible for the continuity of supply chain and coordination of all processes.

Additionally, as part of the Fixit RMA claim registration system, we provide the opportunity to locate the claim registration process and all available instructions and procedures in the language of the given country.

In addition to repair services, Fixit as part of the FIX & GO product, in cooperation with the client, supports the logistics processes of repaired devices, spare parts, and accessories in order to:

  • achieve maximum reduction of repair time,
  • reduce the delivery time of the necessary parts,
  • minimize transport costs.

Mio uses our FIX & HELP service, too. A dedicated Customer Care team enables users of Mio products to contact a specialist in the field of supported devices by phone or via email. A team of experienced consultants undergoes constant technical training and improves its skills in the area of support. All this in order to offer the highest level of Customer Experience for users of Mio products by offering expert knowledge.


  • optimization of the cost of maintenance services
  • regional presence of Fixit - bringing the service structure closer to customers
  • minimization of claims handling time
  • reduction of logistics and service costs thanks to the remote support of Customer Care
  • technical support for users in the local language
Implemented solutions: FIX&REPAIR, FIX&HELP, FIX&GO

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