What is crucial to the market success of a product is to have it offered with a good Customer Experience, unique to each brand. It’s exactly the positive associations a brand triggers through its values and the experience it offers in its interaction with its audience that determine the success of its products and the loyalty of its customers. Customer Experience is something every company delivers, regardless of the business activity pursued. Yet, only a good understanding and a conscious creation of it translate into success and competitive advantage. FIXIT is there to help design a well-tailored Customer Experience and make it reality by providing a range of preand after-sales services. To this end, a team of FIXIT experts has come up with a wide spectrum of products serving as the foundation to execute the adopted strategies.


Check ready to use FIXIT solutions, created to support your business and make your clients' lives easier.

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After-sales services

warranty and post-warranty repairs

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User support

remote assistance, product information, clairns processing

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Massive rework services

returns, refurbishing, reconfiguration, service actions and parts acquirement

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A source of information about

entertainment, events, games, competitions and many more

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Education services

FAQ, Q&A, video trainings, social media content

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Transport and logistics

deliveries and returns, replacement devices, exchange, repurchase and equipment disposal

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Insurance and warranty

Additional repair options, extended warranty, insurance and device lifetime extension

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Complex combination of services and tools for after-sales users support

We deliver the highest level of Customer Experience by: direct, personalized contact, current communication, efficient claims
processing, high quality services, and a number of additional elements.

Fixit Rma

Receiving and processing claims

The system enables users to send an online complaint or describe a problem connected with the owned product.

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Fixit customer care

Direct communication with the users

A cell dedicated for current information exchange between a user and the service. One of the main tools for building the Customer Experience strategy.

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Fixit PMP

Customer Experience engine

Central database system FIXIT PMP (Project Management Platform) is a basis of all solutions that we provide. FIXIT PMP manages the processes of every realized project, being responsible for both their collection, and further data sharing which is necessary for proper functioning of these processes.

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The #DajżeKompa action is in full swing!


Dozens of computers have already reached children who are digitally excluded, and this is not the end. FIXIT SA as one of the action’s partners is responsible for the preparation and service of computers which will go to students in need. See what the whole process looks like!

We’re one of the initiators of the “Dajże kompa”


We’re also one of the initiators of the “Dajże kompa” initiative, which has been launched to fight digital divide. Together with several companies from Kraków, we’ve pledged to distribute 1,000 used computers to children and families at risk of digital divide
As FIXIT SA, we:
✔ collect the hardware from donors,
✔ disinfect the collected hardware,
✔ remove any data left,
✔ test and refurbish the hardware,
✔ assemble complete sets and send them to qualified beneficiaries.

Find out more about the initiative at:


See how we take care of our employees during the coronavirus pandemic


In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, out of concern for the health and life of our employees and yours - our Clients, and having analysed the possible consequences of the further spread of the disease, FIXIT SA has adopted a range of prevention and protection measures. These include:

  • an outreach campaign targeted at employees, covering the steps to follow in the event of suspected exposure to the coronavirus or when feeling unwell
  • provision of hygiene and sanitation products as well as arranging for detailed guides on how to use them properly to be in place
  • cancelling all business trips of all external, internal, and interdepartmental employees – switching to audio and video communication
  • cancelling scheduled training programmes or taking part in them in the videoconferencing mode
  • implementation of procedures providing all employees eligible to work remotely with such an option
  • devising emergency response plans
  • ongoing monitoring of the development of the pandemic


We’re trying to consider all possible scenarios to be able to react in advance as quickly as possible.

As for the details regarding particular projects, our business partners are asked to contact our project managers.

As for the details regarding individual orders, please contact us via email and/or phone.

The main thing we wish everyone is good health.


With your safety in mind. A quarantine for packages and for the serviced equipment


We’re monitoring the development of the pandemic on an ongoing basis. We’re implementing all the relevant procedures and recommendations to make sure our employees and the serviced equipment are safe. We’re trying to consider all possible scenarios to be able to react in advance as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve decided to quarantine the packages we receive.


The standard our company aspires to is a situation where a device arrives at our repair service department, gets repaired, and sent back to the client the next day – this concerns cases when there are no problems requiring getting in touch with the client, or provided that the repair service department doesn’t have to wait for some parts from the manufacturer. The current state of epidemic threat obviously affects this standard as the time to repair has become now longer (due to the quarantining of the packages and equipment we receive) - says Mariusz Ryło, FIXIT SA’s CEO.


During the pandemic, the repair process is preceded by a 24-hour quarantine imposed on every package we receive. In addition to that, the equipment that is to be handled by our service technicians is quarantined for 48 hours before it is taken care of. The procedure aims to minimise the risk of our employees making contact with surfaces where the SARS-CoV-2 virus could survive.

An interview with Mariusz Ryło, FIXIT SA’s CEO, published in Super Express!


What impact does the current epidemic have on the electronics servicing market? How do the companies operating in this sector manage these days? A commentary for Super Biznes by Mariusz Ryło, CEO of FIXIT S.A, a company specialising in providing after-sales service to manufacturers and consumers of electronics, making a particular effort to create and offer a unique customer experience.


Read the full interview (in Polish) here:

Employer Branding at FIXIT in the time of coronavirus


Wsparcie finansowe dla pracowników, których sytuacja materialna pogorszyła się z powodu wprowadzenia stanu zagrożenia epidemiologicznego, czy wypożyczenia naszych firmowych komputerów dla dzieci pracowników do zdalnej nauki to jedne z naszych propozycji wsparcia pracowników w tej niecodziennej i trudnej sytuacji. Chcemy by nasi Pracownicy czuli się u nas bezpiecznie, wiedzieli, że mogą na nas liczyć, a także mieli świadomość na temat potencjalnego zagrożenia oraz stosowali się do rekomendowanych przez rząd zaleceń.

Przeczytaj, jak prowadzimy działania z zakresu employer brandingu w naszej firmie:

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FIXIT is: 20 years of continuous activity, nearly 50 satisfied clients, and a range reaching over 40 countries from across Europe and all over the world.

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Supplier of refurbished products

Defect repairs in order to make the devices look “brand new”. Growth of the market value of products destined for secondary channel sale at the same time.

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Rapprochement of the service structure to clients thanks to the regional presence of FIXIT and providing the technical support in local languages. Consequently: service costs optimization. In addition, reduction of the logistics expenditure and a significant time reduction of claim processing.

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Elimination of the logistics costs connected with renewed transport of the products to the factory for reconfiguration. Maintaining the highest quality of modified products so that they are 100% ready for sale.

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PC Accessories Vendor

Elimination of the need to modify the devices by users, and at the same time: limiting the number of complaints and returns. Reduction of the modified products arrival time on the market resulting in users’ satisfaction and growth of company’s competitiveness. In addition, optimization of modification costs translating into actual Producer’s profit. 

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Avery Dennison

Significant increase in the operational capabilities of Avery Dennison in the era of dynamic company development and independence from possible problems associated with Brexit. Additionally, support in the process of handling service orders (including an access to FIXIT RMA system), reduction of device repair time and possibility to cover other European countries with FIXIT services.

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