Since 2017, Fixit has been cooperating with a partner specializing in the renewal of consumer electronics and the re-launch of such prepared products on the market in the form of fully functional and valuable devices. The company focuses on the trading of used high-tech products, and works with the highest care for the natural environment and its customers’ wallets. The company's portfolio includes mainly top brand mobile phones. However, laptops, tablets and photo/video devices have a significant share in the offer, too.

Business challenges

Our client wants to provide all users who buy full-fledged refreshed products at an affordable price with the same feelings as when buying a completely new device. This is possible only with the great attention to detail in the renewal process. Our client introduces only high-quality products that meet strict quality standards - only devices that meet 100% of the criteria can be offered to customers. The most important aspects are:

  • providing the highest quality product
  • optimal value for money
  • environmental protection under the concept of sustainable development

Since the beginning of cooperation, Fixit has been constantly taking care of measurable development of mutual business relations and expanding the portfolio of services concerning new device models and increasingly advanced ones. All this is aimed at optimizing the final economic effect while maintaining the highest level of quality and comprehensive implementation of all assumed goals in strict specific service time.

The main advantage of Fixit which can be decisive in choosing our offer is many years of experience and a very wide range of technical knowledge on the supported products. It ultimately allows the implementation of extremely advanced and often unavailable on the local market services, including both replacement and repair of components for the level of BGA elements inclusive. Additional advantages of our service center include:

  • the possibility of expanding cooperation with new product groups and device models
  • flexibility in the type and nature of services provided
  • logistics support
  • flexibility in adapting to the client's design requirements

Benefits for our client:

Services provided by Fixit as part of the FIX & REPAIR meet the full range of requirements of the partner. The most important of them are:

  • high efficiency of performed repairs - over 95%
  • optimal ratio of repair costs to increase the value of repaired products
  • high effectiveness of Quality Assurance processes after completed services
  • stringent KPIs with an emphasis on time parameters (TAT) that allow you to provide smooth product support and, as a result, significantly reduce the market value loss of the repaired product.


  • a significant increase in the market value of the products as a direct effect of the repair services provided by Fixit.
  • flexibility in the scope of supported device models and their quantity.
  • minimization of order processing time, and, as a result, limiting the loss of products’ value over time.
  • warehouse facilities of high-quality components and spare parts managed by a dedicated, experienced team.
  • increasing the potential for the number of device repairs in a given period of time.
Implemented solutions: FIX&REPAIR

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