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Our client provides users with high-quality products for computer hardware. The offer includes mice, keyboards, and accessories for mobile work with laptops. The company's mission is to launch devices that stand out because of their design and conduct as ergonomic and easy to use.

Business challenges

Producing its devices, our client relies on scientific research and intensive products testing in terms of their ergonomics. These tests are carried out continuously. Every week the R&D department makes changes in both the software and the design of the devices. Nevertheless, the production cycle in factories is inexorable and causes individual batches of products to be released on certain dates.

It may happen that while products are already transported from factories located in the Far East to their destination, European or American markets, the work of engineers brings new solutions in the field of device ergonomics or functionality. In order to get the new software, e.g. keyboards or more ergonomic accessories for laptops, you should re-send containers back to factories, hoping they find spare capacity for making needed modifications.

The same situation occurs when products with specifications that are strongly dependent on the destination country, such as keyboards with different key layouts depending on the language, are to be sent to another market as a result of business decisions. It is then necessary to modify the product. In this case it’s usually the replacement of some keys or entire sets.

In most cases, the goods that stream from factories are already contracted or even sold and expected by trading partners. On the other hand, users would like to receive products with new innovative functionalities as soon as possible.

There is a problem of time and cost of product modification. It is known that making changes in the scope of software or a product set is easiest to be carried out at the place where the product is made - in the factory. But is it also the cheapest and the fastest solution in terms of the entire process of supplying devices to the market?

Benefits for our client:

The answer to the foregoing issues are FIX & REWORK services performed by Fixit. An indispensable element of these products is an in-depth analysis of both technical issues related directly to specific products and process ones.

Being specialists in computer peripherals servicing, Fixit engineers are able to analyze technical requirements related to software modification or replacement of parts of the set / device (e.g. keys). Each activity is performed with great care because after implementing changes devices must leave Fixit in exactly the same condition as they left the factory - we deal with new devices which are a commercial product.

In turn, the Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that all activities leading to the final effect are carried out in such a way that the entire operation is optimal in terms of time and resources used. The result is obtaining a competitive, even in relation to the cost of production in the factory, price of required modifications and significantly accelerating the process of making devices available for sale.

As part of the FIX & GO service the Fixit logistics department ensures that the goods reach the wholesalers or retail chains directly in order to reduce the maximum time of reaching the end customers. The ability to handle shipments of the manufacturer's online store directly to end users is an additional advantage of our service.


  • user’s satisfaction from having devices with improved functionality - greater client competitiveness on the market
  • no need to modify devices (e.g. in the field of firmware) by the end users themselves - no refunds in case of improper performance of this action
  • shortening the time of product requiring modification after production, reaching to the target market - satisfaction of vendor business partners
  • optimization of the cost of performing modifications in comparison to the cost of carrying out this task at the factory - increasing the client’s margin on the sales of products
Implemented solutions: FIX&REWORK, FIX&GO

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